Your aircraft is currently not available or operational? Or do you need an aircraft with a qualified crew? Through our broad network we can offer you various aircraft for charter at short notice. Even if you do not have an aircraft available for your own training or for the training of your crew, we will be happy to assist you.

We can offer you the following aircraft directly to charter out:
(partly with safety-pilot, instructor or crew)


Piper Meridian M500

Piper Jetprop DLX

Cirrus SR22

Crew Service

We provide your aircraft with a crew. In case you don’t have time, but your family or employees need access to your aircraft: We will operate your flights for you. With our professional crews, who have wide experience on many types of aircraft and all have a background in scheduled or commercial aviation, we ensure the safe and reliable operation of your flights with your own or chartered aircraft.

Ferry flights or shuttle flights

Your aircraft is scheduled for maintenance or you would like your recently purchased aircraft delivered to you? We’ll take care of it! Whether worldwide ferry flights or flights to and from the maintenance facility back to your home airport.